Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hold to the Rod

It was a pretty normal week. We spent our time getting a family ready for baptism - Elena and José! We baptized their brother two weeks ago. They came to church for the first time when their brother was baptized and they loved it! We visited them with several members this week (member missionary work is the best) and they were stoked to be baptized!

Saturday we had a cool activity at the stake center! Somebody in the stake is in charge of special effects for movies, so he turned the stake center into one of the coolest Lehi dream activities ever! The only bad part is all of our investigators and converts let go of the iron rod before they got to the tree of life haha!

Sunday we baptized José and Elena! I baptized Elena and it was a miracle because I only had to do it once! I seriously thought she was going to drown because she’s like 75 years old!

Monday we played soccer! I thought I should take advantage because I’ll probably never play in the states and I’m actually getting pretty good hahaha! 

Well I love you guys and I’ll see ya'll in 3 weeks!

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