Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dog Bite

This week was pretty interesting! We have been working hard with a lot of people, this area is awesome!!! We have been teaching a family and they have been to church 2 times.  It’s pretty likely we are going to baptize them this week so I’m pretty stoked!

Wednesday we went to the capital because my comp had an infection on his foot. I had to watch for 3 hours while they scrapped it off.  In that moment I realized I really don’t want to be a doctor! The clinic was in zone 15 by the temple so we got Taco Bell after to celebrate haha!

On Thursday we found a lady who is awesome. She has been prepared by angels.  Unfortunately when we left her house, a dog came up from behind me and BITE ME on the leg!!!! So thanks to that dog right after I finish writing today they are going to give me six shots in the stomach. It's all good- the bite didn’t hurt that bad - we will see about the shots. 

Sunday was good, it was weird thinking that it was my last fast Sunday. . .  super weird!

Monday we went to Antigua and ate some donuts, bought some good food and that was about my week!

We had zone training and they asked me to share my last testimony because we aren’t going to get together again formally for the rest of the month!

Well I love you guys and see you soon!

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  1. I'm so glad you are making a difference in the lives of the people you visit and counsel. I hope that the shots do not hurt worse than the bite did. I assume that you are getting the rabies shots, just to be on the safe side that the dog won't give you rabies. I know that the Lord will watch over you and keep you safe. Amen!