Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Destroyed Clothes

All of my clothes ARE DESTROYED! My shoes are falling off of my feet and all my pants and shirts have huge holes! I bought some new shirts and some new pants so hopefully I won't have to walk home naked! Hahaha!

The weeks are passing by so fast that I literally can’t remember anything hahaha! However, I do remember we had two baptisms this week.  Our mission president came to both because he was already in town for a conference! 

Hermana Mayra and Hermanita Kiara! They are both so amazing. Every time someone gets baptized it just gets me stoked because I know the likelihood they get into heaven is a little bit higher ;) 

This week we had our district conference. All the members from our district came to our church and there was a ton of people! I think there was around 600 people! Super full!  President and Hermana Markham spoke and they both gave good talks.  Later that day we started checking on some investigators because we didn't see them at church; and they started telling us that they WENT TO CHURCH! Haha we didn’t see them because there were so many people!  They all liked it so now we have 3 families that are progressing very well!

I’ve been learning so much in the mission! I think it's preparing me to be patience and be a leader! 

Not much else to say but I love you guys and thanks for everything!

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