Monday, July 13, 2015

Done With Problems

Monday-Wednesday- We were just doing the normal stuff!  Working hard and getting things ready for this next change. P-Day we spent all day cleaning the house. Our house is HUGE (4 stories tall) and all the missionaries who are going home leave their stuff here. So we cleaned like crazy and made brownies!

Thursday- This is when it gets crazy. In the morning, president called us and said ¨get a ticket for an Elder because he is going home tomorrow. He ran away and we are still looking for him. We then had to go find this kid and get everything ready. That same day President called us again and said ¨we also need a ticket for a Hermana because she is going home tomorrow...ya so that was a good day. :(

Friday- We got the one Elder on the plane really early in the morning. Then we had to take two sisters to their area so the one sister could pack! We drove for 3 hours out to their area on the Coast. ( IT’S SO HOT THERE, I got out of the car and just started to sweat.) While she was packing, we started working in the area. I loved it! The people on the coast are so accepting, and surprising I actually liked the heat haha. The sister finished packing and we headed back to the capital. On the way back we ran into a protest...we were stuck there for 3 hours. We finally got back to the capital at 9pm. As we were dropping the Hermanas off, we got a call from the Elder we had sent home that morning and he was stuck in an airport in Honduras. The airport wanted to kick him we had to go to the office and figure that all out. We got home at 12am.

Saturday- We woke up at 3.30am to take the Hermana to the airport. THEN WE WERE DONE WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS. We went back home and slept until 5:30am and woke up again to get the mini missionary for the one Hermanas companion!!! We are tired!

Sunday- WE BAPTIZED!!!! I WAS STOKED!!! We baptized Hermanita Evelin! She 16 and is the daughter of the lady we baptized a couple weeks back! She is super crazy and funny so it’s been pretty fun teaching this family!!!


I had to go back to my mission birthplace to pick up my convert!  He is a mini missionary right now! I was so stoked to see the family again!

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