Thursday, July 23, 2015

11 Months Later

This week we had changes which means things get crazy around here! We also had a problem with a couple of elders in our mission so we had to get them out of here before they could cause more problems.

Tuesday- the new missionaries had their first day in the mission field! We went to the president's house and I presented something tiny. We ate and then we took the noobies out for the first day of work... haha! Our president makes us destroy them so they have the right expectation of the mission. So I ran all day-the first thing of the day I took this new kid from Honduras to this staircase (184 steps). We looked up it and it was literally a waterfall. (It was raining super hard) I asked him if he was ready and he looked at me. I just took off running up these stairs haha! It was a fun day, but my body is super sore!

Wednesday were CHANGES!!!!! I received a “new companion.” Just happens to be my comp from the MTC! ELDER JEFFERY!!!!!!! He is awesome and is helping me a ton!! He also speaks amazing Spanish!

Me and Elder Jeffery in the MTC

11 Months Later

Other than these things, the week has been pretty normal! Just working hard and waking up early. Still trying to avoid fast food even though it is abundant around here haha!

-Elder Kendall


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