Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bonfire Fridays

WEELLLLLL IT’S BEEN AWHILE!! Sorry I haven’t written one of these in awhile but it’s because it has been super slow here lately! We haven’t had baptisms in a long time but this week we are going to baptize two people and then the next week 3 more people!!! I’m so stoked!!!

My area is EL Carmen and it is in the capital! Everything is crazy here and there aren’t many who want to listen, but I’ve learned working hard really does pay off! God knows we are working and trying to find these people, and He blesses us! This week we have found a ton of new people and we are bringing lots of people to church! We have been having a lot of activities lately and these always help us find people! We have a bonfire every Friday and I have a guitar that I get to play! It’s super sick! All the members love us and they are always trying to help!

I just have one story to tell everyone! We have one investigator that is going to get baptized this week named Jessica! We had a visit with her 5 days ago and she told us she had a dream where her kids were killed by people from the church........We had no idea what to say! She thought it was an answer.........but then we received revelation and we destroyed EL DIABLO (the devil)! At the end of the lesson she was back to knowing the church is true and I get to baptize her. BOOOOO YYYAAAAHHHH!


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