Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Preparing Men

This week started out really well! We had divisions and I worked with Elder Sweat again! This kid is seriously the funniest kid eveeerrr!!! We worked all day then came home and he was trying to teach me how to make deep fried Oreos - haha it was so funny!

The rest of the week was pretty normal! We have some MEN preparing to be baptized! Usually we try not to focus on just women in the mission but they are always more willing to live the gospel.

We have been teaching this one guy and his name is Robin! He is awesome and has gone to church a couple of times! He is a fisherman and has a ton of money because he owns a company that sells fish to Wal-Mart in Guatemala! He loves the gospel and is so ready to get baptized this next weekend!

We are also teaching Hermana Samata and Roel! They are two young adults who are awesome! We visited them with two other young adults who were baptized recently, and they got along really well! They both committed to being baptized January 23rd as well!

Sunday we had several people attend church. We also had a meeting that night with the Stake President. He taught us a lot of things and he is really supporting us in the work!

Monday we played soccer with all of the kids in the ward and it was a blast until I got home and realized I was burnt to a crisp!

Today I got a call from President and he told me one of our elders is going home for heart problems. I had to tell the elder and he just burst out crying! It was really sad! But he will be fine I’m sure!

Well I love you guys and thanks for everything!

Elder Kendall

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