Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiny Taxi

Did you know you could make pancakes in a microwave? I didn’t.

So funny story to start, we were driving here today to email and we were all in this tiny taxi.  It was just pumping with music! All these people in the taxi with us just started dancing and the driver was honking the beat of the song! I was like what is going on here, so funny. Everyone is just crazy here.  

My comp and I opened this area, so there aren’t very many members.  It’s a little lonely here, but we did baptized this week! We have worked with her for about a month and she is awesome.  Now we are preparing the rest of the family for November 23rd! We might have 8 baptisms that week, which would be cool.

Since last week, I’ve played the guitar 10 times. People just bring their guitars to me. It is so awesome!! We also got to drive around in a Range Rover this week! It was weird being in luxury. We just barely contacted this huge family that basically runs Jocotillo, and they are all so rich.  We just go from one big house to the next! And when I say rich I mean a normal house in the states! It feels like a blessing though.

Remember how I asked you all to pray for the bus; well it didn’t work hahahah the bus broke!  It was nuts trying to get everyone to church this week! We just shoved everyone in trucks and somehow got up there! Its funny, when you don’t have a way to get people to church, all of a sudden they want to go!

For p-day I threw around the football.  Really weird but it was awesome!! Well I love you all and I love the emails!!

-Elder Kendall

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