Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3rd Story Window

I’m a completely dedicated missionary.... a couple nights ago I gave the first lesson in my sleep. I woke up because my comp was laughing so hard hahaha! I was sitting up and everything. On Friday we did our first service project and we dug a 5-foot deep hole for this guy! It was hard but fun. We also found some guy cutting wood. We pretended not to know how cut wood and he taught us.  We then cut all this wood for him.

We had stake conference this week so we went to stay with the ZL´s for the night, but they weren’t there. So we just had to climb up this wall and climb in the 3rd story window! People probably thought we were robbing the place. But the ZL´s brought us pizza and we had a little party! Then we had a baptism!!!! Crazy story-That day we had three baptisms and the first little girl that went, her foot came out of the water and she was just balling because she thought she couldn’t be baptized again. Our investigator was kind of scared because he was like ¨why is she crying¨. Then R___(17) and I went into the font and the first time his hair didn’t go under so we did it again... then his feet came out... so we did it a third time. This time I put my foot on his feet, but he didn’t want to go under... so I made him go under! I seriously probably looked like I was trying to drown him. When he came up we were both laughing- so funny!

For P day we went off roading with this super rich guy and he doesn’t care about his truck so it was nuts! We went up to his property on top of this mountain with an amazing view! Then we ate food and ice cream with him and his family. We might have listened to some real music.... but who knows!

I love you all and thank you for all the b day emails!!!! 


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